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No Errors Glove Repair

Sharing a service that is offered by former MYBA and MHS baseball player Collin Mormann.


http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/2729/No errors glove repair flyer.pdf

by posted 08/28/2016
Indoor Facility Update

Travel Tryouts are coming up quickly. Beginning Saturday August 27, MYBA will be opening up the Brenkman Memorial Baseball Facility on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm and Tuesdays 5:30 – 8:30 for those looking to sharpen their skills prior to tryouts. These hours will continue through October 1.  We will also be offering open days and times Oct – Dec if we have enough participation and new memberships.

If you are already a paid member for the 2016 year, (9U – 14U Travel Team players are paid members) simply have your 2016 facility bag tag you were provided with you when you come. We will be having a sign in sheet.

For those who are not a current member, but want to get some Indoor Facility time in through the Fall and Winter, we will be offering SPECIAL priced memberships Sept – Dec 2016 for $35, (normally cost $65). When you sign up, you will be provided a 2016 Facility Use Bag Tag as a way of identifying your membership.

Instructions for making Lane Reservations are provided on MYBA website: http://www.mortonyouthbaseball.org

We will plan to keep facility open 1 to 2 days a week Sept – Dec, as long as we have participation.  If participation drops, the facility will go down to one day a week.

Morton High and Jr High Players will need to purchase memberships for use apart from their team practices, unless they fall into the 2016  9u – 14u travel team player as will participants from outside Morton School District to use the facility.

Elite Level Prospects will be partnering with Morton Baseball and doing lessons at the Morton MYBA facility as one of their approved training facilities, to work with paid members during open times. Additional contact info for ELP and their Instructors can be found at   www.elitelevelprospects.com

The facility has a fresh appearance and is ready for new members. Facility usage fees can be found on the MYBA website but are separate from the special price for Oct – Dec 2016.

Please help keep the facility clean and cared for by avoiding the following items inside the building:  Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Gum, Cleats, Spikes, Tobacco (Cigs, or Smokeless) Food, Drink, Pets are NOT ALLOWED inside.  SAFETY RULES ARE POSTED AND MUST BE FOLLOWED. Water bottles are acceptable.

Zero Tolererance Policy:  Use of facility by non-members, persons breaking safety rules, and or persons using any of the above mention prohibited items, will result in asking that individual to remove themselves, and a loss of facility privileges for a reasonable period of time based on circumstances at time of occurance.


Thank you,

MYBA Director of Facilities

by posted 08/22/2016
Annual Meeting: Call for associates, directors, & travel coaches
MYBA Members-
The 2016 MYBA Annual Meeting will be held Monday September 12 at 6pm at Kuhl and Company here in Morton.  As part of the Annual Meeting, MYBA will be selecting the U9 through U14 Travel Coaches for next season as well as electing new Associates, Directors, and Executive Directors.  All of these positions offer great opportunities to get involved and give back to your community.  We strongly encourage those of you with children who might be just getting started in the program to seriously consider joining MYBA as an Associate.  The list of available positions is as follows:
Executive Board
* Vice President
* Treasurer
* Secretary
* Website / Scheduling Director
* Registration Director
Travel Coaches
* U9
* U10
* U11
* U12
* U13
* U14
And as always, Associate Members are also welcome and needed to help keep the organization running.
If you are interested in serving as a Travel Coach for the age groups above or would like to join the MYBA Board, please contact Dustin Neeley at dneeley@cittrucks.com.  All candidates MUST attend the Annual Meeting.
Travel Tryouts for next year's travel teams will take place during the weekend of September 24 - 25.

by posted 08/15/2016

Thanks for another great summer of MYBA baseball!

Enjoy your Summer!

by posted 08/08/2016
MYBA Mailing Information

PO Box 354
Morton, IL 61550

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